Sunday, September 27, 2015


Reviews are the lifeblood of authors.  When a reader engages and lives in the story there is no better compliment. 

Itsy Bitsy Book Bits

Rating four stars
"Destiny’s Plan by Victoria Saccenti was a phenomenal book and I absolutely loved it. I love historical fiction and I thought that was one of the best elements of this story. It's interlaced with history that adds to the drama and poignancy that I always gravitate toward when finding a good book to read. I felt like I was inside of the book the entire time I was reading it. I was emotionally invested in the story while I was reading. I felt everything. Being severely visually impaired, everything in life for me is sensory, including reading. I experienced everything the characters experience and I loved this book. I felt like the author had a great connection to the era she wrote about even in her own world that is this book. The characters are relatable and loveable. I have always been a lover of romance and a believer in fate and destiny. Destiny's Plan is a must read for everyone, this book will make believers out of people who weren’t before."
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Thank you to Itsy Bitsy Book Bits for the outstanding comments. 

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