Pub Crawl

I have a few more photos to add to the Scotland collection.  In the pursuit of all things Scottish, I had to include pubs' facades.  Great Edinburgh, which is split into New and Old Town by what used to be the Nor Loch — now drained and converted into Princess Street Gardens— is full of quaint watering holes.  Most are concentrated on George and Rose street, as well as on The Royal Mile and High street.  With so many varieties and themes, the camera's memory card is always terribly taxed with photos.  However, pubs are the lifeblood of cities and tiny villages all over Scotland, intrinsic to their way of life and a vibrant portrait of the culture.  The following are a mere sample.

The above appropriately named The Four Marys, is in the nearby town of Linlithgow, home to the beautiful palace.  It's a short train ride from Edinburgh and I definitely recommend a visit.  

Mac Clures Bar, has been in Dunoon for ages.  This small town is on the banks of the forth of Clyde, opposite Glasgow.    

The World's End does exist.  It used to be the last pub before reaching Edinburgh's old wall.  One can still see the round metal markers at the end of the street. 

The famous Elephant House where it is said J.K. Rowling penned Harry Potter, is one block away from High Street and across from the National Museum of Scotland.    If you are a Dorothy Dunnett fan like I am, the National Museum has the largest collection of Dorothy Dunnett's research papers, writings, and documents as she planned The Lymond Chronicles and House of Niccolo.  I spent seven glorious days at the Museum (no boast) while perusing and going over these precious materials. 

The Miter is very pretty inside. I'm sorry the shot was taken while the sun set, so it's not very clear.

There is absolutely no lack of imagination ^^^ when it comes to pub names.  This one is on George St. 

One more and I am done for today.  This cute pub is on Rose St. (of course) New Town, and a favorite.  The food is verra nice and the selection of brews ample and satisfying.  What else is there, aye?

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