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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Destiny's Plan Third Place Winner Summer Indie Book Awards


2016 SIBA Award Winners (email us at for prize information):
1st: Merely This and Nothing More by various authors, editor Jeffrey Cook
2nd: Human 76 edited by Michael Wombat and Miranda Kate
3rd: Twisted Tales by Mark Fine, Elizabeth Horton-Newton, Aniita Kovacevic, Jean Gill, Michelle Medhat, CA Sanders, Geoff Nelder, Neil Douglas Newton, Glen Barrera, Lubna Sengul, Robyn Cain, Joseph Mark Brewer, Charlie Flowers, Hannah Haq
1st Ghost No More by CeeCee James
2nd: My Life as a Banker by Brenda Mohammed
3rd: Reflections on a Generous Generation by Michael R. Stern
Children’s Book
1st: The Adventures of Captain Zoey and the Mystery of the Djinn by Laura Dasnoit
2nd: Mariquita by Angela Stevens
3rd Tie: Princess Matilda’s Miracle by Suzie Jay and The Dragon Dreamer by JS Burke
1st: The Distant Sound of Violence by Jason Greensides
2nd: The Beauty Beneath by DC Renee
3rd: The Drowned Phoenician Sailor by Lesley Hayes
1st: Venom Protocols by John Murray McKay
2nd: Betrayal by Sharon Brownlie
3rd: Trace Impression by Sarah Hilder
1st: Shorts by Hans Hirschi
2nd: Agida Upon Dirty Art by Gian Andrea
3rd: Cross Roads by Donald Wilson II
1st: The Order of the Ancestors by Tito Martinez Barberi
2nd: Ferts by Grace Hudson
3rd: After Oil by Kristan Cannon
1st: Like a Boss by Logan Chance
2nd: Never a Choice by Dee Palmer
3rd: Disgraced by Dee Palmer
1st: Cursed be the Syhlain by Humeira Kazmi and Shamila Ghyas
2nd: Misfortune by Melissa Haag
3rd: Hopeless by Melissa Haag
Flash Fiction
1st: The Revenge of the Pumpkins by Lacey Lane
2nd: A Fond Farewell by TP Keane
3rd: Undressed by Karina Kantas
1st: When I’m Dead by Erin Lee
2nd: Help! My Child has Hashimotos by Cindy Kennedy
3rd: So, You Have MS. Now What? By Grace Augustine
1st: Ludwika by Christoph Fischer
2nd: Among the Olive Groves by Chrissie Parker
3rd: Destiny’s Plan by Victoria Saccenti
1st: Toby’s Tails Easter at Fantasy Farms by Susan May Keefe
2nd: Holiday Hide and Seek by Grace Augustine
3rd: Holiday Promises by Grace Augustine
1st: Rabbit in Red by Joe Chianakas
2nd: Blood So Pure by P Mattern
3rd: Ashley’s Tale by Mike Duke
1st: Scooter Nation by A.B. Funkhauser
2nd: Guitar Face by Sasha Marshall
3rd: Hidden by Stephanie St. Klaire
Literary Fiction
1st: Phenomena by Susan Tarr
2nd: Interviews with Legendary Writers from Beyond by Cathy McGough
3rd: Under the Cornerstone by Sasha Marshall
1st: Fog by Michael Wombat
2nd: Jellies, Jams, and Bodies by Donna Walo Clancy
3rd: Furtive Investigation: A Psycho Cat and the Landlady Mystery by Joyce Ann
New Adult
1st: Anti-Stepbrother by Tijan
2nd: Guitar Face by Sasha Marshall
3rd: Empty Me Out by S.A. Healey
Novella/Short Story
1st: Eyes by Veronique Poirier
2nd: Just Under the Sky by RK Gold
3rd: When the Ink Runs Dry by Theodore Ashford
1st: The Mating by Nicky Charles
2nd: Ebo by L. Lombard
3rd: Bonded by Nicky Charles
1st: Blanket of Hearts by Robert A. Cozzi
2nd: Chasing the Red by J.V. Stanley
3rd: Faces in Still Waters by J.V. Stanley
1st: Blue Collar to No Collar: From Trucker to Bestselling Novelist in Two Years by Wayne Stinnett
2nd: Working the Table by Jeffrey Cook and Lee French
3rd: 103 Fundraising Ideas for Parent Volunteers with Schools and Teams by Cathy McGough
1st: Lumber Sexual by Leslie McAdam
2nd: Juniper Smoke by Sadia Ash
3rd: Like a Boss by Logan Chance
Science Fiction
1st: The Negative Man: City of Chaos by Jeremy Croston
2nd: By the Stars by Jessica Baumgartner
3rd: Eden’s Serum by Angelique S. Anderson
1st: Coping Mechanisms by Tracy Black
2nd: Afterlife by Tim Gurung
3rd Tie: The Ultimate Guide to Frugal Living by Lacey Lane and Keeping a Backyard Horse by Markie Madden (no prizes)
1st: Have you Seen This Girl by Carissa Ann Lynch
2nd: From the Desk of Buster Heywood by Angela D’Onofrio
3rd: The Coin by Maria Elena Alonso Sierra
Time Travel
1st: Yellowstone Heart Song by Peggy L. Henderson
2nd: Forever in Time by Nicky Charles
3rd: Storm Portal by Michael R. Stern
Young Adult
1st: Ebo by L. Lombard
2nd: Trisomy XXI by GA Minton
3rd: The Spell of Pencliff by Wendy Hobbs
If you'd care to volunteer in next year's awards, you can fill out this form:
If you'd care to donate prizes for next year's awards, you can fill out this form:
Make sure to use the hashtag #SIBA on Facebook and Twitter!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

~~~Goodreads Giveaway ~~~ Enter 7 September!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Destiny's Choice by Victoria Saccenti

Destiny's Choice

by Victoria Saccenti

Giveaway ends September 30, 2016.
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Monday, August 29, 2016

Summer Indie Book Awards!

2016 Summer Indie Book Awards!

The cold of winter is setting in, at least for those of us in the northern Hemisphere of the world. But we at Metamorph Publishing aren’t letting that get us down! We’re already looking forward to a sizzling summer, and we’re here to announce our first annual Indie Book Awards! You heard that right, a summer book awards! The event officially begins on January 1st of each year, and nominations will be accepted through midnight CST on August 1st each year. Voting will begin on September 1st and end on September 10th each year.
“What’s the big deal,” you ask? “There are all kinds of contests out there.” And you’re right, there are hundreds, probably thousands of book awards. But many of them are only for unpublished authors, or authors who only write in certain narrow genres, or for authors who have never published before in a particular genre. Plus, there are plenty of them that charge an entry fee, some of which are prohibitive to authors who publish independently, without the backing of a large and powerful publishing house.
So, we’re hoping to do something different with the Summer Indie Book Awards! Entry is free, and nominations will be accepted from any indie or small-press author, regardless of their current published or non-published state, or what genre they write in. We are accepting donations of print or e-books, author swag or novelty items (bookmarks, pens, keychains, etc.), but donation is not required for nomination. We’re taking nominations from authors as well as from readers, and authors can nominate their own books; we only ask that authors who do so also nominate a fellow indie author. Nominations can be made using this form:, while donations can be made at:
Feel free to join up with the event on Facebook at:, and like the official Facebook page of the Summer Indie Book Awards at You can also sign up for the newsletter at: so you can stay up to date with all the latest news! In the pinned post of the Facebook event, you’ll find these links, along with links to a Google Drive folder where you can look and see who’s already been nominated! And any author who is nominated will have access to an official contest nominee badge, that they can use on their book covers or any promotional media, if they so desire.
Winners in each genre will receive a prize (hopefully we’ll get enough donations for this), beginning with the 1st place winners. If we get enough prizes donated, we’ll go next to 2nd place winners, and then to 3rd place. Regardless of the prizes, winners will get a high-quality winner badge, stating their place and the genre of the book. These will be of high enough resolution for authors to use on their print books, if they want to!
But it’s not only the winners that will benefit from the Summer Indie Book Awards! All nominated authors will have the potential to reach hundreds, if not more, of new readers (readers often have a preferred genre, and while they’re voting for their favorite author, will come across others they may not have tried yet), and reach a huge new audience through the social media forums! And best of all, it’s meant to have fun, to reach out and network with other authors, potentially forming long-lasting relationships. And readers will benefit from having a wealth of new books in front of them, as well as a vast amount of new stories to immerse themselves in.
Though we’re using Facebook and other social media as a platform to reach more authors and readers, none of these social media outlets are affiliated with the awards. They are hosted strictly by Metamorph Publishing.

For more information, please visit Metamorph Publishing at

Friday, June 17, 2016

Destiny's Choice ~ Pre Order Now


Destiny’s Choice, the long awaited sequel to Destiny’s Plan, is available for pre-order through the following vendors.

No one evades Fate. Especially when the escape route is cracked and full of holes.

As a naïve young woman, Marité Muro nearly drowned in a maelstrom of confusing emotions stirred by two very different men. One whose tortured soul tugged at her heart, another whose scorching touch made her innocent body want…more.

Four years in a Spanish prep school gave her time to gain perspective, and now she’s come home to Florida knowing what she wants. The one man she’s never been able to forget, and she’s ready to prove their age difference is no obstacle.

Vietnam left scars on Brian MacKay, some visible, some invisible—and infinitely more dangerous. His war buddy’s sister-in-law has ripened into a tempting, irresistible woman, but she is forbidden fruit. Yet she challenges his resolve until, in a moment of weakness, his demons slip free.

Marité isn’t sure why the man who held her closer than skin is suddenly holding her at arm’s length, but she isn’t afraid to fight for him. Even when someone returns from the past who could destroy everything. Her home. Her family. And Brian’s love.


Stay in touch with Victoria via Facebook sign up for her Newsletter or drop her a line on her web page, Victoria Saccenti Writes or visit her Amazon Author page:  

Destiny’s Choice excerpt: 

December 1969

      You’re late…you’re late. Where the heck are you? Out of the corner of her eye, Marité Muro scanned the hallway of the chapel. To her mounting frustration, several attendees standing next to a column blocked her view. She could stare forever and accomplish nothing. Neither the people nor the column would move out of her way. Reality does stink. She didn’t have X-ray vision or mental superpowers like the superheroes in her favorite comics and fantasy novels. Her human anatomy had its limitations, and just to reinforce that concept, a painful stab attacked her temples as a multitude of sparks filled her vision. Half-blind, she tangled the tip of her elegant new shoe with the footed base of a nearby massive candleholder, and she nearly flew forward. Mumbling a curse that would’ve shocked her mother, Marité froze in place, waiting for her vision to clear.
      Thanks to the futile search, she’d almost made a fool of herself in front of everyone and, worse, had missed key aspects of a ritual she didn’t know well. She should be following the ceremony. Any minute, the spotlight and all eyes would be on her, which meant ignoring the stupid voice that wouldn’t stop nagging in her mind. The incessant taunts had begun as soon as she took her place by the baptismal font: Go ahead. Turn around. Check the crowd, silly girl. How else will you know? Well, screw the voice. She had an important role and should appear focused on the celebration—same as Brian, her partner in the ceremony—or at least pretend.
      Still, she couldn’t stop thinking of Michael. Why aren’t you here?
      How about a little peek? the voice insisted. Shifting her gaze to the left hallway, she tried again, seeking a body, a shadow, some movement, anything that might indicate her cousin’s arrival. Nope. Nothing. Zip.
      You’re going to ruin it if you don’t show up. How could he miss the triple christening when it meant so much to everyone? The entire family had flown in from the Old Country, not to mention friends from all over. Forget the relatives, she had dreamed about this occasion for weeks, had bought this pink chiffon dress and complementary shoes, hoping to regain his attention. She wanted him to see her among adults, doing adult things like a young lady. Maybe then she’d impress the indifference out of him and the uncomfortable disaffection would end. Not so long ago, he would’ve insisted on driving her. He would’ve been full of advice on the ride over. He used to be so protective and supportive, so affectionate, but lately—
      The clinking sound of the swaying censer and Father O’Leary’s voice grew louder. He’d moved from infant to infant, performing the sacramental rite: dabbing bits of salt in their mouths, sprinkling the tiny foreheads with holy water, and lastly anointing them with chrism. And now it was Rebecca’s turn, the gorgeous child cradled in her arms. Marité glanced at the beaming parents standing off to her right, Raquel and Matthew Buchanan, her sister and brother-in-law. Dismissing her earlier preoccupation, Marité sent a silent prayer on their behalf for a life full of well-deserved happiness. They’d struggled enough.           
      Father O’Leary recited the questions to the godparents, and Marité answered in unrehearsed unison with Brian. The sound of his deep voice, full of emotion and self-assured, rang in her ears as spirals of thick church incense wafted around her with its heady scent. A dreamy feeling overcame Marité. Each I do response seemed to roll out of Brian’s lips in slow motion. The words echoed throughout the room, then ricocheted inside her mind in giant swells. A sense of déjà vu transported her to a distant time in a faraway chamber, richly ornate and full of golden lights, nowhere she knew or had seen before… The experience didn’t last; it ended with the last question but left her shivering. She looked Brian’s way.
      He leaned forward. “Lil’ godmother?”
      “Forget it. It’s nothing,” she said quickly. Whatever she’d seen, Brian obviously had not. No point in pursuing it further.
      Brian MacKay, Matthew’s best friend and ex-war buddy, was the happiest person she’d ever known in all of her fifteen years. His smile could brighten the gloomiest day. In these days of the Vietnam War, men who survived the jungle came home either physically damaged or with broken spirits, sometimes both. Not Brian. His cheerful disposition had carried him through exhausting physical therapy sessions—she’d heard Raquel and Matthew talk—and conquered his wounds. She watched in awed respect as he moved or walked about, displaying his faltering step like a badge of honor and the ever-present cane like a scepter.
      Despite the seven-year gap between them, Brian didn’t condescend to her. He treated her as an equal, and she liked that quality best. When she learned Brian had agreed to become Rebecca’s godfather, she’d been overjoyed and honored. The sacrament would not only bind them to the child but to each other, as compadres in a very special lifelong relationship, almost like parents. Her thoughts pivoted to her absent cousin…and yep, she was back to where she’d started.
      “What is it?” Brian nudged her arm. “That frown’s ruining your purdy face.”
      Marité knew he’d tried to keep his voice down but was also certain folks in the last row heard him. “Shhh,” she whispered, and, suppressing a rising giggle, she bumped him with her shoulder.
      Brian jerked up to his full height, snapping two fingers in mock salute. “Yes, ma’am.”
      Rebecca must have found their exchange entertaining, because she decided to join the fun. Her rosebud lips puckered, releasing a loud half-raspberry, half-spit bubble.
      “Not very ladylike,” Marité murmured. Brian snickered, and the priest shot them both a warning glare.
      Her sister, Raquel, heard the sound and flicked a signal to Matthew. As a lighted taper was presented to Marité and Brian, Matthew retrieved Rebecca in exchange, rescuing everyone from the priest’s displeasure. With little Rebecca’s explorations in sound effects successfully silenced, Father O’Leary nodded, and the baptism proceeded in its ordered sequence.
      The thunderous boom of a kneeler dropped carelessly on the floor reverberated throughout the chapel like a discharged cannon. Marité tossed poise out the window and turned, peering above and beyond the curious guests to the source of the commotion.
      You know how to make an entrance, don’t you?
      With hands pressed against the last pew, Michael leaned forward. His shoulder-length hair, falling in the direction of his hands, concealed his features. On her next breath, Marité evaluated the situation in the room: a pale Aunt Coralina directed a wife-to-husband plea for serenity to Uncle Jonas, whose gaze emitted ice-blue fury toward his irreverent son.
       An unexpected censuring scoff out of Brian startled her, and Marité pivoted, beginning to feel like a spinning top. The frown of disapproval was a rare departure from Brian’s affable countenance. Confounded by it all, Marité flipped back around just as Michael looked up, tossed back his leonine mane in obvious defiance, and smirked. Ignoring everyone present, he glared at her. A chill ran down Marité’s spine…

Friday, June 10, 2016

On Sale Karina Kantas Illusional Reality


What readers are saying:

"I don't always enjoy fantasy but this story is well written and full of twists. You are able to visualize Becky's surroundings and will be in awe as she is.
As the story progresses you learn how strong Becky is and how vocal she is about wrong doings. She truly comes to have feelings for these people until her happiness is stolen from her."

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Urban Hype Blog


From the authors' point of view. Candid opinions, the highs and lows, the frustrations and rewards in the creative process of writing. Yours truly included.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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Destiny's Choice - Five Stars

Reviewed by Arya Fomonyuy, for Readers's Favorite:

Destiny's Choice is Book 2 in the Destiny's Series by Victoria Saccenti, a riveting tale of a love that is as powerful as it is dangerous. Marité Muro might have been infatuated with 
Brian MacKay when she was very young, but after four years of prep school in Spain,
she comes back to Florida different, feeling mature and sure of what she wants, and if 
there is anything in the world she'd die for, it's to be enfolded in the arms of Brian MacKay.
Things could have been easy if MacKay hadn't served with her brother in Viet Nam. Brian
MacKay might be a war hero, but now he has to face a new kind of war; he has to wrestle
with the powerful emotions the young Marité Muro stirs in his heart. He knows he shouldn't
want her, but all his defenses are being weakened. How long will he keep up the fight before he finally crumbles under her charm?

You'll love Destiny's Choice if you're into romance and if you love the kind of setting that 
mimics the world of Eden, with a serpent tugging at the hem of your clothes and a forbidden fruit that is infinitely inviting. Victoria Saccenti creates beautiful characters and
tactfully draws readers into their minds through her powerful and vivid descriptions. Marité 
Muro is one of those characters readers want to follow in their growth process. She is stubborn and reckless, the kind of character who'll do anything to get what she wants, but she's come a long way. The psychological conflict is well-developed in the story, and while it helps the plot to move fast, it also allows readers to connect easily with the characters. It's a very entertaining and engaging read, a hard-to-put-down kind of book for romance lovers.