Sunday, September 18, 2016

Destiny's Plan Third Place Winner Summer Indie Book Awards


2016 SIBA Award Winners (email us at for prize information):
1st: Merely This and Nothing More by various authors, editor Jeffrey Cook
2nd: Human 76 edited by Michael Wombat and Miranda Kate
3rd: Twisted Tales by Mark Fine, Elizabeth Horton-Newton, Aniita Kovacevic, Jean Gill, Michelle Medhat, CA Sanders, Geoff Nelder, Neil Douglas Newton, Glen Barrera, Lubna Sengul, Robyn Cain, Joseph Mark Brewer, Charlie Flowers, Hannah Haq
1st Ghost No More by CeeCee James
2nd: My Life as a Banker by Brenda Mohammed
3rd: Reflections on a Generous Generation by Michael R. Stern
Children’s Book
1st: The Adventures of Captain Zoey and the Mystery of the Djinn by Laura Dasnoit
2nd: Mariquita by Angela Stevens
3rd Tie: Princess Matilda’s Miracle by Suzie Jay and The Dragon Dreamer by JS Burke
1st: The Distant Sound of Violence by Jason Greensides
2nd: The Beauty Beneath by DC Renee
3rd: The Drowned Phoenician Sailor by Lesley Hayes
1st: Venom Protocols by John Murray McKay
2nd: Betrayal by Sharon Brownlie
3rd: Trace Impression by Sarah Hilder
1st: Shorts by Hans Hirschi
2nd: Agida Upon Dirty Art by Gian Andrea
3rd: Cross Roads by Donald Wilson II
1st: The Order of the Ancestors by Tito Martinez Barberi
2nd: Ferts by Grace Hudson
3rd: After Oil by Kristan Cannon
1st: Like a Boss by Logan Chance
2nd: Never a Choice by Dee Palmer
3rd: Disgraced by Dee Palmer
1st: Cursed be the Syhlain by Humeira Kazmi and Shamila Ghyas
2nd: Misfortune by Melissa Haag
3rd: Hopeless by Melissa Haag
Flash Fiction
1st: The Revenge of the Pumpkins by Lacey Lane
2nd: A Fond Farewell by TP Keane
3rd: Undressed by Karina Kantas
1st: When I’m Dead by Erin Lee
2nd: Help! My Child has Hashimotos by Cindy Kennedy
3rd: So, You Have MS. Now What? By Grace Augustine
1st: Ludwika by Christoph Fischer
2nd: Among the Olive Groves by Chrissie Parker
3rd: Destiny’s Plan by Victoria Saccenti
1st: Toby’s Tails Easter at Fantasy Farms by Susan May Keefe
2nd: Holiday Hide and Seek by Grace Augustine
3rd: Holiday Promises by Grace Augustine
1st: Rabbit in Red by Joe Chianakas
2nd: Blood So Pure by P Mattern
3rd: Ashley’s Tale by Mike Duke
1st: Scooter Nation by A.B. Funkhauser
2nd: Guitar Face by Sasha Marshall
3rd: Hidden by Stephanie St. Klaire
Literary Fiction
1st: Phenomena by Susan Tarr
2nd: Interviews with Legendary Writers from Beyond by Cathy McGough
3rd: Under the Cornerstone by Sasha Marshall
1st: Fog by Michael Wombat
2nd: Jellies, Jams, and Bodies by Donna Walo Clancy
3rd: Furtive Investigation: A Psycho Cat and the Landlady Mystery by Joyce Ann
New Adult
1st: Anti-Stepbrother by Tijan
2nd: Guitar Face by Sasha Marshall
3rd: Empty Me Out by S.A. Healey
Novella/Short Story
1st: Eyes by Veronique Poirier
2nd: Just Under the Sky by RK Gold
3rd: When the Ink Runs Dry by Theodore Ashford
1st: The Mating by Nicky Charles
2nd: Ebo by L. Lombard
3rd: Bonded by Nicky Charles
1st: Blanket of Hearts by Robert A. Cozzi
2nd: Chasing the Red by J.V. Stanley
3rd: Faces in Still Waters by J.V. Stanley
1st: Blue Collar to No Collar: From Trucker to Bestselling Novelist in Two Years by Wayne Stinnett
2nd: Working the Table by Jeffrey Cook and Lee French
3rd: 103 Fundraising Ideas for Parent Volunteers with Schools and Teams by Cathy McGough
1st: Lumber Sexual by Leslie McAdam
2nd: Juniper Smoke by Sadia Ash
3rd: Like a Boss by Logan Chance
Science Fiction
1st: The Negative Man: City of Chaos by Jeremy Croston
2nd: By the Stars by Jessica Baumgartner
3rd: Eden’s Serum by Angelique S. Anderson
1st: Coping Mechanisms by Tracy Black
2nd: Afterlife by Tim Gurung
3rd Tie: The Ultimate Guide to Frugal Living by Lacey Lane and Keeping a Backyard Horse by Markie Madden (no prizes)
1st: Have you Seen This Girl by Carissa Ann Lynch
2nd: From the Desk of Buster Heywood by Angela D’Onofrio
3rd: The Coin by Maria Elena Alonso Sierra
Time Travel
1st: Yellowstone Heart Song by Peggy L. Henderson
2nd: Forever in Time by Nicky Charles
3rd: Storm Portal by Michael R. Stern
Young Adult
1st: Ebo by L. Lombard
2nd: Trisomy XXI by GA Minton
3rd: The Spell of Pencliff by Wendy Hobbs
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