Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Destiny's Choice - Five Stars

Reviewed by Arya Fomonyuy, for Readers's Favorite:

Destiny's Choice is Book 2 in the Destiny's Series by Victoria Saccenti, a riveting tale of a love that is as powerful as it is dangerous. Marité Muro might have been infatuated with 
Brian MacKay when she was very young, but after four years of prep school in Spain,
she comes back to Florida different, feeling mature and sure of what she wants, and if 
there is anything in the world she'd die for, it's to be enfolded in the arms of Brian MacKay.
Things could have been easy if MacKay hadn't served with her brother in Viet Nam. Brian
MacKay might be a war hero, but now he has to face a new kind of war; he has to wrestle
with the powerful emotions the young Marité Muro stirs in his heart. He knows he shouldn't
want her, but all his defenses are being weakened. How long will he keep up the fight before he finally crumbles under her charm?

You'll love Destiny's Choice if you're into romance and if you love the kind of setting that 
mimics the world of Eden, with a serpent tugging at the hem of your clothes and a forbidden fruit that is infinitely inviting. Victoria Saccenti creates beautiful characters and
tactfully draws readers into their minds through her powerful and vivid descriptions. Marité 
Muro is one of those characters readers want to follow in their growth process. She is stubborn and reckless, the kind of character who'll do anything to get what she wants, but she's come a long way. The psychological conflict is well-developed in the story, and while it helps the plot to move fast, it also allows readers to connect easily with the characters. It's a very entertaining and engaging read, a hard-to-put-down kind of book for romance lovers. 

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