Friday, August 14, 2015

Weekend Quotes

With the upcoming release of Destiny's Plan, promotion for the book on Social Media, and ensuring the manuscript has been formatted, approved and is ready for release, the comment:  life has been hectic, it's an understatement. Despite all that craziness, I've found some quotes I hope you will find interesting.

By the age of six, the average child will have completed the basic American education. ... From television, the child will have learned how to pick a lock, commit a fairly elaborate bank holdup, prevent wetness all day long, get the laundry twice as white, and kill people with a variety of sophisticated armaments.
~ Russell Banker

The Supreme Ethical Rule: Act so as to elicit the best in others and thereby in thyself.
~Felix Adler.

I hate with a murderous hatred those men who, having lived their youth, would send into war other youth, not lived, unfulfilled, to fight and die for them; the pride and cowardice of those old men, making wars that boys must die.
~Mary Roberts Rinehart

Every government has as much of a duty to avoid war as a ship's captain has to avoid a shipwreck.
~Guy de Maupassant

In the presence of eternity, the mountains are as transient as the clouds.
~Robert Green Ingersoll

I like the pluralism of modernity; it doesn't threaten me or my faith.  And if one's faith is dependent on being reinforced in every aspect of other people's lives, then it is a rather insecure faith, don't you thing?
~Andrew Sullivan

It's a shallow life that doesn't give a person a few scars.
~Garrison Keillor

There are none so sour as those who are sweet to order.
~Luc de Clapiers, Marquis de Vauvenargues

Ah! what a divine religion might be found out if charity were really made the principle of it instead of faith.
~Percy Bysshe Shelley

And with Shelley's admirable thought, I close the weekend quotes.  Have a blessed weekend.

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