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Author-4-Author Blog Hop

Welcome to the first Author-4-Author Blog Hop! 

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Opening Line For Destiny's Plan: 

                On a moonless summer night, a Greyhound bus rushes along a lonely stretch of road, its headlights penetrating the blackness.

I chose my opening line from the prologue of my debut novel, Destiny's Plan, Book one of the Destiny's Series, as it sets up the story through Destiny's omniscient warning:  Mankind beware, don't be complacent, you're but a tiny game-piece in the hands of the Fates.  The course of your life could change unexpectedly.

Destiny's Plan is truly a work of love and will always remain my most treasured project.  It began many years ago, while I still worked in my flying career, before I had the confidence to write and Matthew Buchanan — who insisted I had the muse — forced me to pick up pen and paper.  I've known Matthew, my central character, for thirty years.  I saw him in every young, lonely soldier traveling on orders, ready and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for his country.  Even though I wondered about his life, his loves, what he believed in, and what made him happy, I never fully explored it.  However, four years ago as I drove at two in the morning from the airport, he came to me, demanding I write his story, but most of all the story of his soul mate, Raquelita.  And so here we are four years later, excited beyond our wildest dreams, Destiny's Plan will come to life on September 15, thirteen lucky days after Matthew's birthday.


When Raquelita Muro and Matthew Buchanan meet by chance on a Greyhound bus between Texas and Tallahassee, neither suspects Fate is about to take over.

Raquelita, a gentle girl under the heel of her abusive mother, finds this kind young man a miracle.  Matthew and idealistic young soldier, discovers this sweet-natured girl is an angel in need of a guardian.  However, the next stop on Matthew's journey is Fort Benning to report for deployment to Vietnam, while Raquelita's destination is set at her mother's whim.  Regardless of the forces tearing them apart, they discover a way to secretly span the distance, to end up closer than ever.  But Fate is rarely kind.  The vagaries of war —and the unstable tempers of Raquelita's mother—intervene, leaving both ill-fated lovers feeling there is no hope for their love.

Set in the turbulent era of the Vietnam War, Raquelita's and Matthew's story is one of love, loss, lost faith, shattered memoirs, deferred dreams and broken promises.  Will Fate tear apart these two damaged souls, leaving them desperately alone forever, or will they finally overcome Fate, their bond stronger than they ever thought possible?

Adult situations and content. Intended for eighteen and over audiences.

About Victoria 

I am a citizen of the World, truly.  Political strife obligated my family to leave our homeland, and, as a result, Destiny forced us to travel the globe in search of more favorable settling grounds. Notice the curious parallel?  What initially became a daunting challenge, it turned into an opportunity to expand my horizons.  I thank my parents at every turn for giving me the tools to survive.  The day my mother gave me my first translated copy of Emilio Salgari's The Tiger of Malaysia, and my father pointed to his hardbound Anthologies of Greek Myths, the journey into fantasy began, and my emotional refuge grew richer, bigger, and wider.  Eventually, the hunger to see and experience first hand all the marvels I had read about urged me to pursue a flying career.  By my estimate, I must have circled the planet at least three times, which reminds me of "Tears in Rain" one of my favorite quotes from 1982's Blade Runner.

"I have seen things you wouldn't believe... attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion..."  

Well, LOL, obviously I have not seen attack ships on fire, but I have seen miniscule fishing boats send flame signals to each other on Lake Victoria at sunset. And that, is an unforgettable image.

Through these journeys, I've collected ancient anecdotes and precious memories.  Now that I've retired, hung up my galley shoes —airline lingo— and adopted a simple, steady life, I hope to live long enough to share each and every one of those cherished events.  There is no point in enjoying life's beautiful experiences if you can't share them.  Unlike the end of the quote, I don't want those  "moments to be lost like tears in rain." 

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